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mobili'été Grand Annecy autour du lac

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I driving
by car

I save money,
I think carpooling

Passenger or driver, I havr the right reflex ! In the region, I try Mov'ici, it's free. 


I don't have a car ?
I rent easily

Getting around by car

Citiz offers a car sharing system that has 25+ cars! Taxis and ride-hailing companies might also be an easy solution for some trips.


Where can I park my car ?

Free parking is available. I avoid traffic jams and finish my journey on foot, by bike or by bus.

J'ose l'autostop dans
le massif des Bauges

Organized a hitchhiking

The nature reserve in Les Bauges has organized a hitchhiking service. All you have to do is go to the marked stops and pull out your thumb… you’re in the mountains!