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mobili'été Grand Annecy autour du lac

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I travel 
by bike

I take advantage 
of the self-service bikes 

Vélonecy 60 min

280 electric bikes are available at 48 stations (7 days a week) throughout the country, for all your short journeys.
I can also rent a bike all year round from Vélonecy

Want to rent a bike for a little longer?

30+ rental shops will be happy to help: regular and/or electric bikes, trailers for small kids… you’ll find whatever you need !


All about
Vélonecy 60 min

How to rent a bike ?

1. I download the app Vélonecy app
and I create my account

Android or  iOS

2. I check the available bikes (geolocalisation in real-time)

3. I scan the QR Code on the bike to unlock the lock and activate the rental


1,50 € for the 1st hour !

For which the first 30 minutes are free

For rentals longer than 1 hour, bike rental shops are cheaper!

To return a bike

To contact our teams 06 37 81 39 94 from 9 am to 18 pm 7 days a week or hello@koboo.fr

Video tutorial

I ride
a bike

Whether a beginner or an experienced biker

The area is every cyclist’s dream. If you’re wanting to do some electric biking, downhill biking or touring, either jump on your bike or rent one!

I explore the area by bike

à vélo !

Cycling in the agglomeration 

Equipped with bicycle counters, consult the frequency of use of the agglomeration's cycle routes.
Look at the number of passages per day, per week and per month; the daily averages; the ranking of counting points, etc.