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mobili'été Grand Annecy autour du lac

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Wondering where
to park
your car?

Various parking lots are available around Annecy, even more so during the summer months. So, to avoid traffic, park your car and do the rest by bus or on foot!

the town

Aiming for 10,000
steps per day!

Town on foot

Getting around town on foot is a great way to stay in shape without going to the gym!

I ride
my bike

Using the self-service bikes
1,50 € for the 1st jour

280 electric bikes are available at 48 stations (7 days a week) throughout the country, for all your short journeys.

I can also rent a bike all year round from Vélonecy

Vélonecy 60min VIDEO TUTO

Want to rent a bike for a little longer ?

30+ rental shops will be happy to help: regular and/or electric bikes, trailers for small kids… you’ll find whatever you need !

En savoir +

Taking the bus is also
better for the planet

Sibra’s network offers 26 lines

To get around town, Sibra’s network offers 26 lines, 3 of which are Rythmo and transport me every 10min until 1am.


The 'mountain' bus lines are back !

Semnoz & Plateau des Glières bus * routes run from December 14th 2022 to March 26th 2023.
Regular (except school holiday periods) :
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (including public holidays)
During the 'zone A' vacation period :
Everiday from December 17th to January 2nd & February 4th to February 19th.
During general school holidays :
S1 S2 Everyday from December 17th to January 2nd & February 4th to March 5th 
* Sibra rates 1€50/trip (free for members)
DISCOVER the mountain bus lines

Pays d'Alby <> Annecy

4 bus routes go to Annecy (train Station) as well as neighbouring areas : Rumilly, Entrelacs, Le Châtelard 

Line 40 runs on Sundays during the winter season : 
3 outbound trips from Saint-Félix :
8:10am / 10:02am / 4:20pm 
3 onbound trips from Annecy train station :
9:00am / 3:08pm / 5:39pm 

Pays de Fillière <> Annecy

3 bus routes go to Annecy (train station)
And you can even load your bike in the back of the bus.

G3 gets you to Annecy, even on Sundays ! 

(Sibra prices)  

shopping in the town !

My shopping in the town

I do my shopping in all simplicity, find all the shops in the center of Annecy in the blink of an eye.

If you don’t have
a car you can rent one easily

Getting around by car

Citiz offers a car sharing system that has 25+ cars! Taxis and ride-hailing companies might also be an easy solution for some trips.